The Aeolian archipelago is composed by: Vulcano, Lipari, Stromboli, Salina, Panarea, Alicudi e Filicudi. • VULCANO: it is an island 21 square kilometers, located 20 km north of Sicily. Although the last eruption occurred in 1888 - 1890, the volcano never ceased to give proof [...]


 Le Province Siciliane

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Province of Messina

Messina is a beautiful and modern city, the starting point for interesting excursions in a province very rich in reminiscences of the past and a commercial center.

TAORMINA: it's one of the jewels of Sicily. Taormina represents one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, thanks to the wonderful and enchanting natural position that allows a good view of Mount Etna.

GOLE DELL'ALCANTARA: This natural monument of basaltic rock was generated by the eruption of the volcano Mount Moio.
MILAZZO: The city is located between two bays, in a strategic place in the north-eastern of Sicily. It's a great tourist destination and starting point for the Aeolian Islands, the Nebrodi Park, and Tindari.

PORTOROSA: it's a tourist complex situated on the northern coast of Sicily, in the Gulf of Patti, between Capo Milazzo and Capo Tindari, facing the Aeolian Islands.

Province of Caltanissetta

The city is located between three hills : Sant'Anna, Monte San Giuliano and Poggio Sant'Elia. In this province there are several monuments and places of interest : the Cathedral of Caltanissetta ( built between the years 1560-1620 and opened to the public in 1622 ), Palazzo Testasecca, Benintende Palace, Piazza Garibaldi, Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

NISCEMI: it's situated on a hill. Exist a protected natural area of the Region of Sicily name Sughereta.

GELA: it's an important agricultural, industrial and resort city. Gela is rich in monuments and historical sites.

Province of Syracuse

The city of Syracuse is developed in part on the cape of Ortygia island and partly on land. The main streets of Syracuse are: Fontane Bianche and Ognina, Island, Plemmirio Terrauzza, Santa Teresa Longarini Scalo, Targia.

It's an island, situated in the east coast of Sicily. Here we can find all all the precious pieces of architecture in Baroque style: liberty, rococo and classical city. The economy is based on the tourism sector: Hotels, pizzerias, restaurants and tours represent its economy.

It is 31 km from Syracuse, and is located in the south-west of the province at the foot of the mountains Hyblaean. Its coast, between Avola and Pachino, gives its name to the gulf. The streets are interspersed with beautiful squares and imposing staircases.

The economy is based on the agricultural products and crops. Avola gives its name to the famous vine "NERO D'AVOLA".